Possums In Your Roof? Solve The Problem With These 3 Steps

Possums are a cheeky and beloved native creature. Their curious nature and entertaining antics make them a firm favourite with both Australians and international visitors. However, if you've had a possum or a possum family move into your roof, you may not be feeling quite so fond of them. Nocturnal scurrying, thumping, and squabbles are probably keeping you awake at night. Possums aren't toilet trained either, so it won't take long for the build up of urine and faeces to become an unhygienic and odorous issue.

Possums are a protected species and it's illegal to harm or kill them. In all states, including South Australia, it's also illegal to trap them yourself to get them out of your roof. If you want your resident possums out of your roof, then you'll need to employ a professional possum remover with a permit from the State government to do it for you. Here is a step-by-step guide to how it's done.

Step 1. Catch the possums

The first step is to trap the possums using safe and humane traps. These are placed in your roof cavity by the possum removalist and are usually baited with a snack that's irresistible to possums such as apples or tinned pet food. This part of the process can be even louder than the usual possum noises you're used to. Possums are feisty creatures and will not take too kindly to being trapped.

Depending on how many possums are living in the roof, this step may take several days. Any possums that are caught will be homed temporarily with the possum removalist until the rest of the clan has been successfully trapped.

Step 2. Possum proof your roof

Possums are incredibly territorial animals and under Australian law, any that are trapped in your roof must be released back into your garden. If you don't want them to immediately return to their old stomping ground you'll need to ensure that you possum proof your home before they're released.

Your possum removalist can help you to identify any vulnerable points in your roof that the possums could use to gain entry. Many will also complete the required work as well for an additional charge.

Step 3. Install some possum boxes in your garden

Once possums have claimed a territory they're extremely unlikely to move on. They're also ingenious little intruders. If there are no attractive options for alternative accommodation, then they will soon find a way to foil your possum proofing and get back into your roof.

Installing one or more possum boxes is the solution to this issue. These boxes provide a safe, warm, and dry home for the possums to sleep in through the day. You can get them from most hardware stores or your possum removalist may be able to provide you with some.

Once you've completed these three steps you can safely release the possums back into your garden. Then you'll be able to enjoy having native wildlife nearby without the unwelcome noise and mess above your head. 

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