2 Things You Should Know about Effective Ant Control

Ants can be very annoying as housemates. You can elect home remedies to control their spread, but most often you'll need a pest control service which removes the ants permanently by targeting their source. Spraying or pouring insecticide powder only deals with the ants that you see, and pretty soon you'll just find the ants have changed their travel route and are now elsewhere in the house. This article describes two things that will help you understand how to end your ant problem permanently.

1. Baiting gets ants out of their source

The ants you see trailing around your house are merely workers; their job is to find food to take to the queen and young ants back in their lair. If you kill those ones, more will simply be sent out by the colony to find food. If you block their regular path, they'll simply open another. The baiting gel is designed to attract the ants so they can carry it back to their lair. When the queen and young feed on the bait, they too will die and your ant problem will be permanently solved.

2. You need to prepare for the pest service

Most pest control services will require that you make some preparations to your house before they come in. You should also prep the house before using store-bought pest control preparations for best results. If you fail to prepare the house properly, your treatment could be ineffective and they'll be back within a short while.

The following are some of the things you can do to prepare your home for the exterminator:

  • The house should be completely clean –surfaces wiped, floors swept, spills wiped and accessible ant food sources removed. If you have a carpet, ensure it is thoroughly vacuumed to remove any food crumbs. Take out your trash.

  • Food should be kept away – place all food in pest-proof containers in closed shelves or the refrigerator as needed. Clean out the pantry to remove crumbs and ensure food in open packets are sealed (you can use clothing pegs for this)

  • Recyclables should be rinsed – any recyclable materials should be rinsed properly before placing in the recycle bin. They should be collected regularly with your trash, or organize to take them to a centre

  • Take note of where ants come from and where they frequent, as such details will make the technician's work easier. Get details on how they intend to control the ants.

You may have to leave the house for a little while depending on the treatment method being used. Be sure to get post-treatment instructions before the pest service technicians go away. For instance, you'll be asked not to interfere with places the bait has been set, and also not to interfere with ants carrying the bait. If you have pets and young children, you may have to go away from the house, as they may unknowingly interfere with the process.

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