Why Rats or Mice Are Attracted to Your House

Spotting rats or mice in your home is a horrible experience. Apart from the fact they are dirty, there is also the question of why. Why did the mice or rat choose your home? After all, you are not a messy person living in filth. Unfortunately, the cleanliness of your home has little to do with whether you will get rats or mice.

Instead, rats and mice are attracted to places where they can easily find food, water and shelter. If your home provides these things, some of these things, or is on a walking route to these things, you may see rats or mice.

Whether you live tidily or not, the inside of your house has everything a rat or mouse needs, so it is important to prevent rats from getting in. This involves making sure there are no holes or gaps in the walls of your house. Pay particular attention to parts of the wall where there are pipes or other fixtures going to the inside of your home. These sections should be well sealed.

The Garden

For many people, the most hospitable place in their home for rats and mice is in the garden. They are particularly attracted to:

Aviaries, chicken coops, rabbit hutches and other places where pets are kept outside - these locations are a source of regular food for a rat or mouse.

Bird feeders- the same applies to bird feeders, particularly when they are easily accessible or on the ground.

Bins - if rats or mice can get access to the rubbish in your bins they will come. There is a simple solution, though - make sure the lids on your bins are always properly closed.

Garden sheds and garages- garden sheds and garages are not frequented as often as other parts of the house, plus they are usually messier. All the stored items, tools, and other things that you keep in your shed or garage are great places for a rat or mouse to hide.

Shrubs and plants- shrubs and plants in your garden offer rats and mice protection from predators, particularly birds. Keeping your garden neat and tidy, while also cutting shrubs and plants back, will help.

With a little bit of home inspection, planning and a few small home improvement jobs, you can make it less likely that you will encounter a rat or mouse in your home, particularly if you don't have pets. Contact a pest inspection service for more information and assistance.  

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