Pests That Will Be Attracted To Stagnant Water on Your Property

Pests thrive on a constant supply of water, as this is what allows them to stay hydrated. Thus, most homeowners will try to ensure that they do not have any leaks in their plumbing that would supply this moisture. However, during the rainy season, there is the likelihood of water pooling in different areas of your property. Failure to identify these puddles and eliminate them will end up attracting a host of critters that do not mind surviving on standing water. Below are just a few of the pests that will be attracted to stagnant water on your property.


One of the resilient pests on earth is cockroaches. The reason or their resilience is that they are capable of surviving even in the toughest of environments. It does not matter they do not have a food supply or if the environment is constantly dark, as long as they have access to water they are capable of breeding and thriving. If you have sealed all your food items and taken all necessary measures to avoid roaches but still find your house is infested with these bugs, it is likely that you are providing them with a source of hydration. Have a plumber check for undetected leaks in your plumbing an also ensure that there are no puddles of water around your property.


Mosquitoes are not merely irritating flying insects. These critters have the potential of spreading numerous diseases most commonly Dengue Fever, West Nile Fever and even Zika! Although mozzies tend to be common during the summer, you could end up having an infestation in your home simply because there is standing water on your property. Be on the lookout for water that is collecting in abandoned flowerpots, in your gutters and even seemingly innocuous puddle close to your residence. The mosquitoes will breed in the water, and their larva matures in these puddles. Once the mosquitoes grow, they then take up residence inside your home.

Carpenter ants

It is not uncommon for homeowners to ignore an ant infestation as they assume these tiny insects pose an innocuous risk. In reality, carpenter ants can be quite damaging, particularly if an infestation goes unhampered. The carpenter ants gravitate toward dry wood and slowly eat through the cellulose fibre. If your house is made from timber supplies, it is only a matter of time before severe structural damage occurs. Moreover, the carpenter ants will make their way to your food storage, contaminating all dry products such as flour, sugar and more. Other than eliminating all stagnant water sources, you should also ensure any openings and crevices are caulked shut.

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