Busting Common Myths About Bedbugs

Try as you might, going to bed and deciding not to let the bedbugs bite is not something that is in your control. Despite these parasites being miniature, they can prove to be a considerable deterrent to a good night's sleep, as they thrive on human blood. Since nobody wants a bedbug infestation, it would be best for homeowners to learn more about these pests to know what to expect. Here are three of the common myths that surround these bothersome pests.

Myth 1 - Bedbugs thrive in unkempt areas

The most prominent myth surrounding bedbug infestations is that they are exclusive to either dirty environments or underdeveloped countries. The reality of the matter is that bedbugs can be found virtually anywhere on the planet. Since these critters can navigate through the smallest spaces, they are capable of spreading to different areas of your home quite quickly.

Moreover, infestations can spread from one city to another, rural or urban, in luggage, on trains, in aeroplanes and any other mode of transportation. You only need one bedbug to make its way onto your clothing and your property would be at risk of an infestation.

Myth 2 – Bedbugs can be starved to death

The go-to solution, when faced with household pests, is to ensure that they do not have access to food or moisture. Thus, it is not surprising that a good number of people believe that as long as there is no access to particles of food in their home, they would be able to get rid of a bedbug infestation. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as this. Bedbugs are one of the toughest pests on the planet. To begin with, they do not need any other nutrition apart from blood.

Secondly, the bedbugs can go for months on end without feeding if they do not have a suitable host. Thus, you may find that you have moved into a home that has remained unoccupied for a long time only to awaken a bedbug infestation once you begin living on the premises.

Lastly, bedbugs do not succumb to over the counter sprays or topical applications that would otherwise annihilate a different type of pest infestation. As such, fumigation services tend to be the only viable course of action when it comes to eliminating bedbugs.

Myth 3 – Bedbugs spread disease

The main reason why people will seek pest control services is to ensure they are not at risk of diseases from the various critters that could infest their home. The good news is that bedbugs do not spread any disease. Nonetheless, they will make sleeping increasingly difficult, and their bites will form itchy and unsightly welts on your body.  

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