Termite Control Tips That Help in Lowering the Chance of a Termite Infestation

When it comes to termite infestation, prevention is better than cure. When termites take residence in your home, they can cause massive damage to your property, from the foundation of your house to your valuable wooden furniture. That is the reason why you should take termite treatment and prevention seriously. Here are the preventative steps from termite control experts to help you keep these disastrous pests from accessing your home. 

Seal Off the Access Points

Like other pests, termites will access your home through openings that connect to the outdoors. Roof leaks, cracks on the foundation and holes on the gas and water lines are potential entry points for termites. To make it hard for the pests to enter your home, you need to find these access points and seal them off. 

Reduce Moisture Levels in Your Home

Termites love moist or damp places. By keeping the moisture levels in your home under control, you reduce the chances of getting a termite infestation. Invest in a quality gutter system to prevent rainwater from pouring on the walls and foundation. It may also help to invest in a dehumidifier if you live in a humid region. Another way to keep your home moisture-free is fixing faulty AC condensate line and plumbing, which can be a source of hidden leakages.

Keep Anything Wooded Away From the Soil

Soil and wood contact is the perfect recipe for a termite infestation. It offers termites easy access to shelter, moisture and food. It also enables them to build mud tubes, which they use to enter the house without anyone noticing. To avoid that, install your wooden structures a safe distance from the ground. Additionally, embedding wooden stairs and posts on concrete prevents direct contact with the earth. Placing firewood piles on metal stands might also help to create a barrier between the termites and the wood. 

Remove Everything Unwanted From Your Home

Generally, pests get attracted to cluttered places. Heaps of stored magazines, newspapers, cardboards and papers offer termites an excellent environment to multiply. If you suspect an existing termite infestation, you need to declutter your home in order to discourage the pests from thriving. 

Get Professional Termite Treatment and Inspection

Termites are not easy to detect. The best way to prevent an infestation is to have regular inspections by a professional termite control service. They will inspect your property to find out whether there is any termite infestation. If so, they will apply the appropriate termite treatment to curb the infestation. More importantly, the professionals offer you prevention tips on guarding your home against future termite invasions. 

Taking these proactive steps from pros can help to keep termites at bay. If you have an existing termite problem, contact a termite treatment and control professional to address the issue before it worsens. 

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