Why You Should Never Try To Remove Spiders From Around Your Home In Australia

If you have ever travelled overseas, then you will be all too familiar with other countries perspective on Australia. The prevailing thought that everything is trying to kill you in Australia, from snakes to crocodiles and especially spiders, is fun to play into, but there is an undercurrent of truth to it. While most people who live in cities will not encounter too many snakes or crocodiles, spiders are a real problem that is often underestimated. Spiders still pose a real threat and every year many Australians are bitten and require hospitalisation, and if you have kids around, this can be even more dangerous. Here are a few reasons why you should never try to remove spiders on your own and instead call for spider extermination.

Some Of The Most Dangerous Species Live Near Buildings

While there are a lot of harmless spiders that live around homes, such as daddy-long-legs, you probably won't like to learn that some of the more deadly types prefer to live around human habitats as well. Redback spiders are very partial to cracks in cool bricks and enclosed spaces that are harder to find in the wild than they are in the exterior of your home, and funnel-web spiders are often found around pools and decking. You might be able to recognise daddy-long-legs, but if you don't have experience with other types of spiders, then never take the chance at removing them yourself.

When You See One, More Are Probably Lurking 

Spiders are all looking for similar sorts of conditions that suit them, and if one spider finds that in your home, then chances are that others will too. While a lot of spiders do exist mostly alone, there are still quite a lot of species that live in colonies. You never know how many are around until you get the space inspected by a spider extermination crew, who will recognise all the common hiding spots spiders look for and be able to eradicate all of the ones on your property.

Some Spiders Are Very Valuable

An often overlooked part of a pest control agent working in spider extermination can be to capture the animals and then provide them to hospitals and special organisations that will milk them. One of the best ways to create an anti-venom is through milking spiders, and stocks are never high enough that captured spiders will be refused. You could be actually helping quite a few people by calling in a professional who can retrieve and not just kill the spider, although that is not always possible. 

Reach out to a professional who provides spider extermination services to learn more. 

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